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Monday, January 03, 2005


I had a wonderful time with God this morning. After L & D left for school and while S was still sleeping, I had the opportunity to sit down at the kitchen table with a cup of hot tea. It is always so wonderful to have a good chunk of time to spend praising God, and to make sure that my sins have been fully dealt with and Christ's righteousness is credited to my account both practically and positionally. What amazing freedom there is in being completely forgiven. I know that all my sins were placed on Jesus the moment that I received Him as my personal savior, and that positionally I am covered with Christ's blood for all eternity. I also know that as long as I remain on this earth that I will continue to sin. I must daily claim God's promise that if I "confess (my) sin He (God) is faithful and just to forgive (me my) sin and cleanse (me) from all unrighteousness." That last part of cleansing from ALL unrighteousness is one of the most precious parts of that verse to me. I know that there are probably hundreds of times each day when I have a sinful thought. I am absolutely certain that I do not remember every little sin that I commit. And yet even the smallest sin, though it can never separate me from God or cause me to lose my salvation, does place a barrier in my communication with God. Yet God planned even for my poor memory. He didn't ask that I confess sins that I don't remember. I confess to Him every sin that I know about. Then He as a merciful and loving God takes that confession and applies it to the other forgotten sins, cleansing from ALL unrighteousness. WOW!!!! I love the joy, peace, love and the beautifully close relationship with the eternal God of all the universe that I experience after He has made me fully clean once again. There is nothing better than being in a position to have close, intimate fellowship with God with nothing in the way. And this is just one of the many incredible gifts that God offers freely to His children. Just as with salvation, there is nothing we can do to earn this gift, we have only to ask for it and gratefully accept it. There is no motivation for obedience greater than such abundant gifts freely given over and over, day after day.


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