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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why me?

I was just pondering the opportunities God has given me to work in difficult and desperate situations with other women and wondered why He would choose me. I have never gone to look for that type of situation. I would never have considered myself the type of person to whom God would choose to trust a broken and fragile soul. Yet once again He has chosen to trust me. It is in times like these that I learn great and profound truths once more. God can use my weaknesses to show Himself strong. He takes my foolishness and makes Himself wise in the eyes of another. He takes my unfaithfulness and shows Himself ever faithful. He takes my small grains of faith and moves mountains with His mighty hand.

God could effect change in the heart and life of people with a single breath from His mouth. Yet He has chosen to use faulty people like me. God could take each believer directly to heaven the moment he trusts Christ as his personal savior and make him immediately perfect. Yet He has chosen to entrust us with life and the opportunity to be a part of His master plan on this temporary earth. God knows every need and thought in a man's heart. Yet He has chosen to act in man's life in response to the sincere prayer of true Christians. I am so insignificant. Yet God has placed the righteousness of Christ on my account and has invited me into the very throne room of heaven. I am grateful beyond words. I have been given life both now and in eternity, and trusted with the lives of others.

Why me?

Because of Christ.


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