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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Context of Diligent Study

2 Timothy 2:15 is not a verse in a vacuum. To apply it properly to my life I need to understand the context.

The letter was written by Paul to Timothy, a young man taking over some of the ministry of Paul. Paul commended Timothy for his genuine faith. He also exhorted Timothy in several matters in the chapter and a half before my verse:
- boldly use his spiritual gift
- don't be ashamed of the gospel of Christ or of Paul's imprisonment
- Hold fast the sound doctrine that he had been taught, though others have turned away
- Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
- Teach other faithful men the things that he had heard from Paul
- Endure hardship for Jesus who was raised from the dead, and God will grant life for death, and reigning with Him for endurance. But God will deny those who deny Him, even though His character mandates that He remains faithful always.
- Don't strive about words to no profit.

This last one is the verse before my verse. It is therefore the immediate context. Paul is probably referring to false teachers who took God's words out of context and twisted them to mean what they wanted them to mean.

So why should I study diligently? Because there are many today who also will make the words of the Bible mean whatever they wish. Because I must be careful that what I teach and counsel is from God and not from my own sin-cursed intellect. Because I am part of a battle and must work hard to prepare myself to endure well. Because God is so very faithful to me and deserves my best.


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