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Monday, September 15, 2008

God's grocery provision for this week!!!!

I just returned home from shopping for our family for the week. My goal was to spend $40. I knew that this was going to be difficult for our family of 5, of which I'm the only female and my quickly growing boys (well, Luke really doesn't look or sound much like a boy anymore) can eat an amount that amazes me. I had also gotten notices from two different teachers that I needed to provide snacks for each class this week. And I'm providing a meal for another family today that I needed some ingredients for. So I asked God to help because I knew without His work that I would easily go way over the $40 limit. I had to buy one medical item which will be reimbursed as soon as I turn it in, so I don't really count that in the limit. The total for all the groceries, toiletries and medication was $45. When I take out the $9 that will be reimbursed later in the week the grand total comes to under ********* $36 ************* !! Woohoo! God gives so very abundantly. This $36 represents over $141 in products. We will in no way be scrimping in our food this week. Our cupboards are full, and I'm even having to put some of the items in extra storage in the laundry room. God provided me with great sales combined with an abundance of coupons for just those items, that were sorted and ready for me to use. Thank you, Father!


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Thanks for writing this.

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